Thursday, 20 November 2014

Summer Sunshine

Blue and white summer outfit in Italy

Summer Sunshine. Now that it's finally started to get cold, grey and gloomy I'm instantly wishing it was summer once more. Really missing that hot sunshine, tanned skin and Vitamin D dosage ;)

Everything looks better in summer and days seem endless (not like now when it's pretty much game over at 3pm!).

However I don't have to wait too long for some much needed sunshine, Bali is only around the corner :)

Anyone else have any plans to escape the cold weather and head somewhere tropical?



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Sunday, 16 November 2014

In Love with Knitwear

In Love with Knitwear. It's November 1st and still very warm for this time of year but that's not to say that knitwear isn't everywhere you look. I've always loved cozy knitwear during the winter and I'm forever updating my collection. Admittedly this year I've started a little later than normal but even though it's been pretty warm as of late we all know we need knitwear to see us through the winter.

As you might already know, I've got a real affinity with any shade of cream, white, beige, grey and black. My wardrobe doesn't see much colour outside these five shades. Therefore the majority of the knitwear you'll see in this post stays true to my love of what I call 'basic' colours. However having said that, there's nothing nicer than a pop of colour in a see of muted tones and during the dark and grey winter days sometimes a little bit of pink goes a long way!

This year I've become a little obsessed with cashmere knitwear. I love anything cashmere- scarves, jumpers, gloves, dresses, the list goes on. Therefore pretty much all the knitwear you'll see in this post is cashmere. I know it's not the most affordable nor the easiest to look after in terms of washing etc but if you do look after your cashmere knitwear it will last you years! Plus knitwear can sometimes feel and look very casual so by adding a cashmere jumper into the mix you'll instantly dress up your outfit!